QR Code

Drink More Ovaltine!

Get out your secret QR decoder rings, and decode the secret message on the left! Be the first to post the message in plane text in the comment section and win fame (but not fortune) and accolades from your friends and peers!

[Update July 21, 2008: Time's up; the answer is "Drink More Ovaltine!"]

Actually, QR code is neither steganography nor cryptography. It is a fancy barcode, created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave.
According to Wikipedia, it was “initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing” but is now used for storing general information and “may appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards or just about any object that a user might need information about.”

Read what google says about QR Codes:

QR Codes are a popular type of two-dimensional barcode, which are also known as hardlinks or physical world hyperlinks. QR Codes store text which can be a hyperlink, contact information, telephone number, even whole verses of poems!

To the human eye QR Codes look like hieroglyphics, but they can be read by any device that has the appropriate software installed. Such devices range from dedicated readers to mobile phones. So, a person with a suitable mobile device can scan a QR code, on a magazine say, which causes the phone’s browser to launch to the URL in the QR code.

Google added QR Codes to its Google Chart API, so I added it to my Google Chart Generator. Now you can create QR codes, print them, and label everyting you own with them.

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